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Our ads are highly visible and appealing to get users’ attention and catch their interest.

The description legible and clear and overall, the ad will be appealing to potential customers.

Few reasons why us :

  • Reach
    We’re huge ― with over 5 million active members globally, our combined sites account for one of the world’s largest social networks.
  • Targeting and analysis
    While our membership is a global community, we can target advertising to a specific designated market area (DMA), state, country or combination thereof. In addition, we are able to target by member demographics: language, age group and/or profile “into’s.”
  • Reporting
    Our advertiser campaign reports provide immediate feedback of the performance of a campaign, permitting advertisers to adjust their messaging for a more effective ROI.
  • Trust
    Site visitors trust our well‐established brands and, by extension, trust the advertisers who partner with us.
  • Service
    Our number one priority and commitment is to offer, at all times, world class service which enables our clients to increase their business and reach sales targets .
  • Flexibility
    Advertisers can change their ad creative anytime during the campaign, usually within 24 hours, allowing advertisers to communicate various messages at different times throughout a campaign.
  • Options
    We tailor integrated advertising strategies by maximizing the use of our business tools: from targeting and design concepts to promotions and marketing collaborations ― on time and within budget to meet your sales objectives. We will gladly create a proposal suited to meet your specific needs.
  • Distribution
    Upload a PDF of your publication and share it with the world, get your work out there